Art for Sale

Prints for Sale

If you like any of the art work as displayed on the site let me know. They are all for sale and can be shipped hassle free to your home.  Every order is bubble wrapped and sent via Fed Ex with insurance for your print. You must be home to get your print since a signature will be needed to get it into your home. Since all of my prints are in limited quantity order as fast as you can other wise you snooze you loose.


The Art Work

The original artwork displayed by the New Art Gallery is available for sale,. and may be downloaded free for personal use.



Portraits are available for our collection or by commission. The cost ranges from $50 to $250 for drawings and from $750-$2,500 for oil portraits. For some examples, click here for Drawings and here for Paintings. Most portraits made from life. Portraits from photographs will be considered based upon the photographic material provided.


Figure Studies:

Figure Studies in our collection or by commission are available from $100 to $500 for drawings and from $750 to $5,000 for paintings. Most figure studies are done from life. Commissions from photographs will be considered. Photographic work including digital retouching is available for $100/hour.For examples of our figure studies, see Figure Drawings, Figure Paintings, and Figure Photographs and Digitally Modified Figure Photographs. Contact us for details.


Art Instruction

Peter Goll and other well known artists associated with the New Art Gallery provide personal art instruction in drawing, portraiture, and digital graphic design at our Haines, Alaska studios. Weekend workshops and longer programs are offered. For Information contact: Workshops




Model Opportunities

Persons wishing to model for art classes or for individual artists should contact us for information and scheduling.



Please contact us with any questions. We welcome artists’ submissions, curator and gallery inquiries.



A personal thanks to the following for believing in me

Pravati Legal Funding – Thank you for helping me when my leg got broke and I had nobody else to help me and no money coming in.

Better Business Bureau – For the Lawyer Information Services that you gave me when I needed to hire a lawyer.

Pro bono md – A place I found to help me hire a lawyer.

Courts state md – When I need to file my case out


On a personal note I want to say thank you for all that believed in my on my journey through the ups and downs of my painting life. Thank you for standing behind me and letting me spread my wings. In this crazy adventure.

Any questions or sales email me at