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Information about antique prints


The photogravure and early photolithographic prints in the gallery above were collected by Statler Hotel architect Sidney Wagner while an art student in Paris around 1905-1910 and while living in America until the 1920's. Most of his collection has been sold or given to an architectural museum in St Louis. Our gallery has a few early 20th century prints ranging from the Bal des Quat'z Art of 1909  to a collection of Scribner's Magazine covers. There are many items of interest to Art Nouveau lovers. No reproductions. All are original vintage pieces. Go to Gallery


Bal des Quatāz Arts


The annual ball held by Paris art students, with its cavalcade of costumed, silver and gold-painted, largely nude artists and models, who set out late at night from the Moulin Rouge and arrived in the morning at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.


The Bal des Qautāz Arts was still an event in the 1930ās, but began the century before. In 1880ās, Alphonse Mucha was in Paris, sharing a studio with Gaugin who had just returned from Tahiti. It was the height of Impressionism and the beginnings of the Symbolist movement.  Mucha gave impromptu art lessons in the Cremerie and helped start the artistsā Bal des Quat'z Arts.


It was named after the four plastic arts of architecture, sculpture, painting and engraving.


See Brassai, The Secret Paris of the 30ās.


Original 1909

Bal des Quatāz Arts Poster

Framed, $1,900.


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Information about Lester Varian


Lester E. Varian was born in 1881 and died in 1967. He was an etcher and well-known architect who designed several of Denver's historic buildings and captured images of many more through his art.


Lester Varian studied in Europe prior to 1910, where he came to know William Sidney Wagner, the designer of all but one of the Statler Hotels. Mr. Wagner was the recipient of many prints by Varian, some purchased, and more as gifts or as a form of correspondence.


Wagner kept the prints until his death in the 1920ās, when they passed to his widow and then to the subsequent owners of his Northport, New York home, from whom we acquired them.








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New Art Gallery provides an easy way to view or exhibit modern digital and traditional art and photography.


Alaskan art, Alaskan bird art, Alaska nature art, and bird etchings. We show art by Lester Varian and by other artists from around the United States, primarily from Alaska, New York and Washington DC.


The gallery can help you arrange for commission portraiture, including oil portraits, pencil portraits, charcoal portraits or modern digital portrait graphics.


We offer human figure drawings and figure paintings, studies of the nude, in photography, drawing, painting, and digital media. The gallery shows a variety of human figure art as well as nude studies.


Our categories change from month to month and include human figure paintings and drawings, figure photography, drawings and digital graphics of nudes, drawings and paintings of birds, portrait photographs, portrait paintings, portrait drawings, online art, Internet art and other digital graphics, GIFs and movies for computer or wall display. We are actively soliciting moving graphics, and hope to be able to provide improved streaming soundtracks to accompany them. Currently our music files are downloaded with the GIFs.


We expect to increase the number of Alaskan and northwest regional artists represented here, with fishing boat, mountain and other typical regional scenes. In addition, we are developing shows for Washington, DC and New York artists currently submitting work to us.


In the months ahead, the New Art Gallery will be showing drawings, landscape paintings, portrait photographs, more GIFs for onscreen or wall presentation. We consider this online and digital material to be important categories in the future. This evolving medium will have great impact on the aesthetic landscape, and we hope to play our part.


New Features: The gallery is now selling prints from the 1920ās, prewar prints, early prints, photolithographs from 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1920ās, 1930ās, pre-World War 1, pre-World War II, photogravures, heliotypes, colloidal photographs, albumen prints, rare photographs, rare prints, native arts.


 crafts, antique prints, early prints, early American prints and drawings, erotic prints, Japanese prints, nineteenth century Japanese prints, Ukiyo-e prints, shunga, Japanese woodcut prints, experimental digital art.


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Alaskan Artists and galleries featuring Alaska Art and Alaska Artists are welcome to show their work with us.